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Bring Your Bestie Yoga Retreat

Grab your bestie and join us for a good time! This yoga retreat will have you nurturing your relationship while enjoying nature, adventure + yoga. Come grow alongside each other as you clear energetic blocks and rejuvenate your mind /body connection at scenic Lake Junaluska.

Workshops and classes will each be led by the amazing instructors from Waynesville Yoga Center. The retreat takes place at Lake Junaluska, a peaceful conference and retreat center a short drive from Asheville. Retreat lodging and meal packages include not only the workshops and classes but also accommodations at historic Lambuth Inn at Lake Junaluska plus meals from dinner on the first night through breakfast on the last morning.

Event Details:

July 17, 2022–July 20, 2022
Retreats, Spiritual Renewal, Yoga Retreats


Rose in bloom
Sunday, July 17

● 6:30-8:30: Welcoming/Opening Circle led by Tara Scarborough

Yoga Class at Inspiration Point at Lake Junaluska
Monday, July 18

● 9am-12pm: Workshop + Class: Wake + Shake Your Shakti led by Amber Kleid
● 12-1:15pm: Lunch
● 1:30-4:30pm: Workshop + Class: Partner Myofascial Assists: Unwind, Untangle + Release Energetic Blocks led by Jay MacDonald
● 5- 6:30pm: Dinner
● 7-8pm: Class: Juice + Jams led by Jake

Waterrock knob in the Great Smoky Mountains
Tuesday, July 19

● 9am-1pm: Yoga + Hike led by Tara (pack lunch)
● 1:30-4:30pm: Partner Assisted Stretching led by Lynda Saffell
● 5-6:30pm: Dinner
● 7- 8:30pm: Closing Practice + Circle with Amber Kleid

Photo of Lake Junaluska visitors walking along the lake's walking trail
Wednesday, July 20

● 9-11am: Checkout


Monday, July 18

Wake and Shake Your Shakti

9am-12pm | led by Amber Kleid

Get ready to explore and amplify your senses in a yoga & embodiment practice designed to leave you feeling more connected to your divine self. Using our Chakras as a guide, we’ll flow, shake, stomp, breathe and groove our way through this adventurous workshop as we express ourselves through movement.

Don’t think you can cut a rug? Feeling shy? No worries, even if you think you have two left feet you’ll feel empowered to express yourself! Your eyes will be covered so you can be as expressive as you desire without feeling awkward. Expect lots of laughs, great music, and a chance to turn inward with love and grace. Please bring something to cover your eyes and a journal.

Partner Myofascial Assists: Unwind, Untangle + Release Energetic Blocks

1:30-4pm | led by Jay MacDonald

Do you often feel stiff and locked up during simple easy movements? Or find that with each passing year your body seems to get shorter and tighter? Fascia is connective tissue similar to a web that surrounds the entire body beneath the skin and acts like a second nervous system in that it holds onto emotions, fear + trauma. This gripping, or stuck energy, causes adhesions in the tissue and can result in chronic areas of restriction and tension. Myofascial release techniques are credibly effective at relieving these areas of tension because they are non-invasive and gentle so the body does not brace against it counterproductively. These techniques encourage the body to soften and release on its own timetable instead of forcing something on the body that it is not ready for.

In this workshop, we will explore the different types of release techniques and why they are so effective. The class following the workshop will be a partner-assisted session practicing and offering feedback on some of these assists to each other. It is so yummy to experience traction and space in some of these techniques that are hard to perform on oneself. These will be very gentle and simple but also powerful and transformative. This session will end with a Yoga Nidra session to integrate and absorb all of this into the mind, body and spirit.

Recommended Reading
“Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden and “Myofascial Release: The search for excellence” by John Barnes

Juice + Jams

7-8pm:  | led by Jake Gilmore

During this class, Jake Gilmore will lead the group in an upbeat flow yoga class paired with some funky tunes. This class will have you moving and grooving into sunset.

Tuesday, July 19

Yoga + Hike

9am- 12pm  |  led by Tara Scarborough

Join Tara for a morning of hiking and yoga on a spectacular southern bald with 360-degree views. It’s a beautiful drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and a gorgeous outing in its own. Once at the trailhead, we will meet up for the short hike to the summit and an hour yoga practice. Round trip hiking total is about a mile and a half and moderate in difficulty. The yoga practice will be a gentle flow and yin. We’ll enjoy lunch at the summit and then return to the trailhead. This is a truly unique experience!

Partner Assisted Stretching

1:30-4:30pm  |  led by Lynda Saffell

Partner assisted stretching, also known as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), combines passive stretching with isometric stretching for maximum static flexibility. Popular with physical therapists and personal trainers, this regular practice can help increase range of motion and elongate tight muscle tissue.

Lynda brings her experience with massage therapy and yoga therapy to this meditative workshop, and you will be guided through a routine with your partner customized to your individual needs. This is a slow, gentle and relaxing practice, and will incorporate mindfulness, presence and breathwork for added benefits of increased self-awareness, better connections with others, and more happiness. It will be a fun session to share with your retreat buddy!

Meet Our Instructors

Amber Kleid
Amber Kleid

Amber (RYT – 500) is a Yoga & Mindfulness Mentor whose passion is helping women reconnect with themselves through movement, meditation, and the practice of setting sacred boundaries. She is driven by her own transformation that yoga and mindfulness helped unfold when she stepped onto her mat in 2013 after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

When joining her for a Slow Flow or Restorative Yoga class, you’ll be invited to explore the infinite possibilities that good self-care can provide both on and off the mat. Amber is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who brings her silly sense of humor, creative sequencing, and everyone-is-welcome attitude into her classes for a refreshing experience from head to toe.

Jay MacDonald
Jay MacDonald

Jay is the owner of Waynesville Yoga Center, a Yoga Alliance E-RYT (Experienced registered yoga teacher), a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) and has been teaching yoga classes for over 16 years. She started practicing yoga over 30 years ago after a back injury in her college days and hasn’t stopped since because yoga has kept her healthy and sane! Jay believes that all of us stay healthier and happier by staying mobile and active as much as we can in whatever form that takes.

Jake Gilmore
Jake Gilmore

Jake completed his 250 hour Yoga certification with eagerness to teach, to share his passion of Body, Mind and Soul. Jake values the practice of Yoga more than just the physical poses. It is the promotion of self-reflection and awareness of self and others, the pathways and thoughts we all have that help or hurt ourselves in our daily being. It is to be present in the practice and not meddle in the past or future thinking, just the moment.

He uses his love of making music and music in general to enrich the Yoga experience, as he knows the power of sound and intent. Exercising a 10-year relationship with Yoga, he is always ready to share Yoga with anyone willing to practice… to share pathway ideas of life longevity, self love, acceptance, Body, Mind and Soul awareness.

Tara Scarborough
Tara Scarborough

Tara has been a student of yoga for almost 25 years. She studied and has been influenced by the Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashtanga lineages. Tara completed her RYT 200 training at Anahata Yoga Center in Mason, Ohio. Her style now includes mindful alignment cues that focus on opening and releasing to leave you relaxed, aware and free. On her days off, you can find her up in the mountains hiking, in her boat kayaking or mountain biking the local trails. Tara is also a registered nurse having worked in a pediatric ICU, and now in pre and post-operative care and has recently graduated from massage school.

Lynda Saffell
Lynda Saffell

Lynda Saffell (LMBT, RYT200, PRYT Yoga Therapist) followed her dream to serve others in a healing capacity. She attended Bhakti Academe for Intuitive Massage and graduated in August 2004. She gained her pain management experience working two years in a Chiropractic clinic specializing in neck and back injuries .Lynda has elevated massage to an art with her fine-tuned skill of “listening” to your body and the body’s energy. She practices a combination of relaxation massage, deep tissue therapeutic techniques, and healing energies to release tension and emotional stress and bring your body into balance.


Partner Adventure Yoga Retreat with Meals and Lodging – $882 (single/double occupancy)
The retreat with meals and lodging includes:

  • Three nights of lodging at historic Lambuth Inn
  • Meals from dinner on Sunday, July 17, through breakfast on Wednesday, July 20
  • All retreat workshops and sessions

Partner Adventure Yoga Retreat – Program Only – $395
The program-only option includes classes and workshops but does not include meals or lodging.

An early-bird discount of $40 is available if paid in full 60 days prior. For more information about the discount and pricing for yoga retreats at Lake Junaluska, download the registration form. 

Built in 1921, Lake Junaluska’s “stately lady” is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A renovation in 2018 added modern conveniences while preserving the inn’s historic details and atmosphere. Stroll through the gardens to nearby Inspiration Point to watch the sunset over the lake and mountains.