Woman leading prayer during Lake Junaluska Festival Wisdom and Grace

Festival of Wisdom and Grace Workshop Registration

  • Intergeneration Ministry by Missy Buchanan
    Let’s face it. You are aging in a fast-changing digital world. From technology to pop culture, it seems impossible to keep up with younger generations. Consider that God is calling you to a “special assignment” in this season of your life, and that assignment is to build bridges to younger generations. In this two-part workshop, fully titled “Becoming Bridge Builders: Intentionally using this season of late life to connect with and encourage younger generations,” you will:• Discover why intergenerational relationships are vital to the long-term wellbeing of both younger and older generations.
    • Identify the differences between multi-generational and intergenerational ministry efforts in your own church and in the church at large.
    • Find out what hinders intergenerational ministry and discover how to overcome the fear and anxiety of reaching out to younger generations.
    • Learn to tweak current ministry efforts that will become the first steps to developing an authentically intergenerational church.
    • Dream of new intergenerational ministry opportunities that do not require another implementing another church program.
    • Discern the impact of investing in intergenerational ministry efforts for the future of God’s kingdom on earth.

    Please note this is a two-part series with Part 1 (Seize the season) offered on Tuesday and Part 2 (Turn rhetoric to reality) offered on Wednesday. To participate in the full workshop, please be sure to sign up for Part 1 and Part 2 when you register for workshops.

    To participate in the full workshop, please be sure to sign up for Part 1 and Part 2 when you register for workshops. More details coming soon.

  • Ministry with the Forgotten by Bishop Ken Carder
    What do people of faith and congregations have to contribute to the well-being of those living with dementia? Drawing on personal experience and relevant information, the workshop explores dementia as a spiritual challenge and opportunity and provides motivation and guidance for individuals and congregations who seek to be in relationship with those affected by dementia.
  • Sabbath by Ryan Bennett with Blessed Earth
    This workshop will unpack God’s good gift of Sabbath to us. Sabbath is not just pulling away from work. Sabbath is engaging with the Holy in such a way that we are changed by the encounter. Whether working or retired, Sabbath takes intention and planning in order to be able to live into it properly. Join us for this workshop as we explore Sabbath together. Ryan Bennett is a United Methodist Elder from the Nashville Tennessee area. He has taught Sabbath understanding and practice to both clergy and laity alike throughout the country.
  • Creation Care by Heather Bennett with Blessed Earth
    Some of our earliest memories take place in nature: climbing trees, creek stomping, making clover necklaces, or blowing the white fluffy seeds from a dandelion. In this workshop, we will see how our God is an artist! Using scripture will help inform the way we view, experience, and delight in creation. We will take a deeper look at the awe-someness of God through God’s creation.
  • Video: Cowboy and Preacher with Q & A and discussion
    This is a 2-part workshop with video followed by discussion that will be offered on Wednesday only. Tri Robinson, rancher and retired Vineyard pastor, recognizes that the Bible and the environment are by no means mutually exclusive. He has worked for decades to bring round his flock. He shows how and why Christians need to face the environmental challenges around us, and how in doing so Christians can find purposeful action and be reinvigorated as an active force for good on this issue, building bridges across social divides and presenting Christianity in its best light.
  • Living Their Legacy by Bernie and Snookie Brown
    Bernie and Snookie are offering themselves to churches and other groups for a program that introduces Bernie’s recent published intergenerational book, “The Gospel According to St. Bernard – Good News for the Grandkids from Pappy.” The workshop will include some gospel and Christian music and an overview of the book, as well as Snookie and Bernie’s witness and testimony concerning their desire to “live their legacy.”
  • Respite Care by Patti Williams
    Who would guess dementia families could be the next frontier of ministry? It is the faith-based army of volunteers that will embrace families living with dementia and let them know they are not forgotten. And who would guess that this ministry could breathe new life into your church? This workshop will discuss the brief history of the Respite for All Foundation which was developed in 2018 to inspire and replicate dementia ministries across denominational lines around the world. RFA has trained and supported 25 dementia communities across the country. Patti Williams is a leader in this budding organization and will speak from experience after creating one of the largest, most successful programs in the network at Canterbury United Methodist in Birmingham, Alabama. Patti will share:

• What is day to day Respite and the volunteer mindset
• How to begin a conversation with clergy and church leadership about dementia ministry
• Organizational ideas for your local church and Respite
• How to launch community dementia choirs, respite day programs and caregiver support groups