Valley Dog on the Green at Lake Junaluska Golf Course

Valley Dog on the Green eatery serves golfers at Lake Junaluska

Update July 11, 2023: Please note Valley Dog on the Green is no longer open at the Lake Junaluska Golf Course.

June 8, 2023

Here’s a bit of news that frequent players at Lake Junaluska Golf Course should, pardon the pun, relish.

Valley Dog, the popular 1980s-themed Maggie Valley hot dog joint that opened in November 2021, has rolled out a new location on the lower level of the Lake Junaluska Golf Course Pro Shop called Valley Dog on the Green.

In late spring, the eatery opened on weekends during mid-day hours, approximately 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and now opens most days, depending on the weather. “As the days get longer and the summer opens up, we will be open more days and longer hours. We are hoping to be open year-round,” said owner Mike Juiliano.

Valley Dog on the Green boasts the same menu as the original Maggie Valley location, which Juiliano affectionately refers to as “the mothership.”

“We don’t feature everything all at once at either location,” he said. “We roll menu items in and out. The golf course has its own hot dog – the Birdie Dog, with a crispy garlic dill pickle spear, brown mustard and celery salt.” The Lake Junaluska spot also has the same “almost-famous chili,” he said.

“At our Lake Junaluska place, you will find gourmet hot dogs of the classic or creative type, chips, drinks, snacks and popsicles,” he said. “We are focusing on simple but delicious grab-and-go options, which are what’s important to us for the sake of the golfers needing to keep it moving.”

Prices range from $2 for drinks and snacks, $4 for popsicles, and between $4 and $6 for hot dogs, depending on the number of toppings and condiments, he said.

“Folks can expect friendly workers, good food and a fun environment,” Juiliano said. “As we decorate more, our ’80s theme will show up more. Our mothership in Maggie Valley has to let a few things go first.”

Fred Edwards, director of golf for Lake Junaluska, said that he is excited about the new partnership with Juiliano and Valley Dog, which will help fill a void at the golf course while also filling golfers’ stomachs.

“We are glad to bring food and snack options back to the course,” Edwards said. “We have had a lot of folks asking about opening the snack bar and grill space downstairs and are fortunate to be able to have found a great partner in Valley Dog.”

Valley Dog on the Green at Lake Junaluska Golf Course