Two swans on Lake Junaluska at sunset


With a variety of different land and water terrains, Lake Junaluska is a haven for a diverse range of Western North Carolina bird species.

Download our birding checklist, then take a stroll around the lake to see what birds you encounter, or drive and observe from popular vantage points, such as Inspiration Point, the Lake Junaluska Cross or the Susanna Wesley Garden.

  • A nesting pair of eagles made Lake Junaluska their home in 2018. Take delight watching them fish on the water and raise their eaglets.
  • Look for resident swans and in April, May and June, their cygnets.
  • Come for bird watching in winter, when flocks of migrating birds call the Lake home. Winter residents include brown creeper, pine siskin, winter wren and fox sparrow.


We love all of God’s creatures, including the waterfowl that populate the lake. Help us keep them healthy. Please do not feed the waterfowl!

Feeding can cause:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Spread of Disease
  • Loss of Migration Instincts
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Overcrowding
  • Pollution

Please Keep Wildlife wild!


heron at lake junaluska
Lake Junaluska in the spring time.